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April 18th, 2007, 23:05
Originally Posted by Guhndahb View Post
Kudos to Roqua and Dhruin for their comments in that Codex thread. I have respect for both projects, but I don't like the anti-Wesp comments that have been made. Giving players two different unofficial gameplay options is a good thing. Claiming one to be the "right" one is not. The worst thing about these unnecessary battles is it often causes the good people doing the work enough grief to not want to keep at it.

But, like a wimp, I'm not going to post over there as the Codex people scare me and always have. I like the non-hostile, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, environment here much better.
Thank you, I usually don't get compliments on my sharing. Usually I got called mean, hurtful names.

But yeah, more choices for everyone is good. I played the game without a patch when it first came out. So the next time through a few chances are good. I haven't played it since those background template things were added so I guess I'll play again soon.
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