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April 18th, 2007, 23:37
I'm sure Tessera didn't use his/her social sensitivity or rhetoric capabilities when naming this new patch, because when reading his/her posts he/she actaully seems to believe his/her patch is more true than the Wesps.
But I wouldn't state the newspost as being either fair or objective in its coverage of the new patch, and you can have a lot of different opinions towards the Wesp patches but I still think they are to be respected just aswell as the maker of them are to be. Perhaps this is more adressed to Tessera. So not to rip up any wounds because I can undersign your last post too Role-Player.

And by the way. I just use the official/true patches and it runs without any significant problems (bought it on Steam).

And goodnight to everyone. It's getting late here in Denmark.
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