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April 19th, 2007, 05:50
El Vampiro

On a Mexican horror kick here lately, strange films. "El Vampiro" is the Mexican stab at vampire films, starring Abel Salazar, Ariadna Welter, Germán Robles, basically the main cast from "El Baron Del Terror". It was a trip seeing all them again so soon again, I guess they are the Mexican equivalent of Bela Lugosi, Peter Cushing, Cristopher Lee, etc in a way. Actually does much of the same vampire atmosphere and costume things that the later and more widely known Hammer films from Britain would in time make standard. The early special effects are basically jump cuts, but I found them to be employed quite creatively, with the vamps just suddenly "appearing", or walking forward and taking flight as a bat (albeit a kinda cheesy looking one!).
It's all good tho, you cant go into these type of early 50's films expecting freakin spielberg! I liked it, glad I got the two disc set with the sequel, "El Ataud del Vampiro (The Vampire's Coffin)"
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