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Default Developers = Politicians

April 21st, 2007, 18:16
I trust developers even less then politicians. All they need to do is to lie, lie, lie until release - Then, they don't have to say anything afterwards. At least politicians can be held accountable (Your Country May Vary).

"Yeah, sure, we're keeping it real for Fallout 3. Turn-based? You betcha. Isometric? You read our mind. Yup."

After the truth is revealed…

"No, you mis-interpreted us. We never specifically mentioned turn-based or isometric gameplay. We mentioned that we could fit it in if we had the time or budget but we wanted to release a high-quality product & those qualities simply weren't present to integrate those features in. There's a possibility, though, of us re-visiting those features in an expansion, should the product be successful."

Or, they use the "You Really Wanted It All Along" tactic -

"Look, the public has spoken - Rope arrows are passe! Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt & put it in the closet. REAL FANS are yearning for something new. They're yearning for a physicality that you just can't get with a rope arrow. They want to actually CLIMB the wall, with their HANDS. We're simply responding to that demand with this product."

"The reality is that smaller levels ARE bigger levels. By enveloping the player in an immersive environment, you create a space larger then any physicality that a 'larger level' can possibly provide. This has always been the gameplaying experience that we have aimed for in our prior releases & we are thrilled that we can now offer our original vision in this product."

Ugh. Until the game media grows a pair & takes these developers to task, they'll just continue to lie their *sses off all they want with impunity.




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