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April 23rd, 2007, 06:39
A lot of what he said resonated with me, the fighting nameless enemies and the long corridor analogy especially. One thing Baldurs Gate did right was that it had a lot of "named" enemies, each one have their own set of loot and sometimes even having a back-story. Gothic 3 certainly suffers from the long corridor syndrome.

I believe the cRPG genre (as we have previously known it) is at its lowest point since perhaps even its inception.

In 10 years time, when you decide to play a game from the past for the nth time, what is it going to be? Fallout? or Jade Empire?
Favourite RPGs of all time: Wizardry 6, Ultima 7/7.2, Fallout2, Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate 2+TOB, Jagged Alliance 2, Ravenloft: The stone prophet, Gothic 2, Realms of Arkania:Blade of destiny (not the HD version!!) and Secret of the Silver Blades.
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