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April 23rd, 2007, 14:27
Originally Posted by josephwatson View Post
I get your points, Mike and Corwin. I think my problem is that I always come back to RPGs, and I've played hundreds of them, so when I take a break to play a WWII shooter, it might seem novel to me, even though there are also hundreds of WWII shooter clones. I think that's why I bought the wii this Christmas -- to try something new. And what's the first game I bought? Zelda -- admittedly, not the deepest RPG, but the best Nintendo had to offer. I'm obsessed, I think.
First off, Zelda is *brilliant* - but not a RPG. It is a grand game that deserves the accolades and is a wonderful entry for the Wii.

My first gaming love is *not* RPG, and I was very late to the party on them. I've been into shooters since before they were really born, and still chop through every one. They are all corridor and nameless, faceless enemies - but it is the intensity of battles and the need for strategy to get through them that matters.

It is not that Jeff is wrong - like he says, I think he is right. But his reasoning is that other game genres are doing it better. Perhaps in some ways, but at the end of the Call of Duty PSP game I just finished I was killing the same Nazis with the same Sten I used in the first level … same goes for STALKER … unlike RPG's where you might start out puny and weak, but end up able to level entire towns with your power (in between carrying cups of sugar from neighbor to neighbor, of course).
-- Mike
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