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April 24th, 2007, 00:22
Originally Posted by josephwatson View Post
Anyway, I remember a few years back playing U7 Serpent Isle and thinking, "Wow, if games are this great now, they should be amazing in 10 years!" Based on my Ultima experiences, I assumed that worlds would get bigger, more complicated, and have deeper storylines. I saw that progression in U4-U7. I was wrong, to an extent.
I had a similar experience with Adventure games. Indy & Atlantis plus the Monkey Island sereies were heaven for me - and even more, from a current point of view.

The Indiana Jones series of Adventure games nowadays fociuses almost ONLY on action and combat - not story. No immersion anymore, at leasdt not in ths (rather) "traditional" sense.
Although I must admit that it was at least from my point of view heavily "inspired" by Lara Croft and her kind of "Adventures".

It seems to me as if the "Dungeon Crawler" faction is big today. Today's RPGs are focused on combat, and on hack-fest, instead on story, no more focusing on the story anymore.

"Modern" RPGs - and I mean Action-RPGs - are merely a vehicle for a gamer to "pump up the character", do some powergaming, and ask the fellow gamer : "Now who's got the bigger, better character, items or weapons (or all of them), huh ?"

Role-Playing isn't there anymore. It doesn't focus on the role anymore. Everything has become a mere vehicle for "having fun" in a certain sense.

To me, it's like watching TV vs. reading a book.
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