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April 24th, 2007, 04:56

Actually, in the Zelda games, while your strength doesn't increase, you do learn new and varied moves that are more powerful than previous ones. I'm not a big believer in stats increases defining an RPG, though. I think role playing should define the genre, as Alrik stated. In Zelda, you talk with many people, perform quests for them, and, in general interact with the world. While puzzles abound, Zelda, to me, has many key elements of an RPG. I know a fantasy setting does not an RPG make, but Zelda is definitely related to the genre. (as an aside -- Did I mention I hate random encounters? I do. That's why I've never finished a Final Fantasy)

Magarette: I actually get tired of growing stats. However, I did like the stat selection in Fallout. I don't know -- there's just something about how unique that RPG is compared with other ones. It seems to reinvent old RPG ideas. I get bored with Diabloesque stat progression schemes, though. No story, no fun.

Alrik: Totally agree. That's why I've been branching out of the genre as well. Here's something that should be controversial (and possibly get my RPG license revoked) -- the one game that grabbed me hook, line, and sinker this year was super controversial, at first, and then turned out to not be that bad: Rockstar Game's Bullly. I love how open ended the game fells, how I can interact with many different people, and how they each have their own unique personalities. This game is a far cry from the Oblivion cookie cutter mess. Bully is, in my opinion, the closest thing to an RPG set in modern times that exists, and it's even somewhat thought provoking (in a very juvenile way). A little action-y for some, but not overly so. My two cents for the evening….
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