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April 24th, 2007, 08:09
Originally Posted by josephwatson View Post

Magarette: I actually get tired of growing stats. However, I did like the stat selection in Fallout. I don't know -- there's just something about how unique that RPG is compared with other ones. It seems to reinvent old RPG ideas. I get bored with Diabloesque stat progression schemes, though. No story, no fun.
I agree. Fallout had some cool perks, and was different than most crpgs cranked out today in a lot of ways, most especially in the story and consequence areas. Also, it was not a hand-holding walk in the park. When you accomplished a goal in that game, it meant something.

By "growing the character," I didn't mean just the stat aspect, though I do enjoy that sort of thing. I meant taking an unformed generic character and developing it into one's own concept of a rogue, cleric, fighter, wizard or whatever. Vogel seems to feel that the first ten levels are a waste of time, whereas I enjoy them as much or more than the last ten.

As Alrik says, the hack-n-slash element seems to be what's being perceived as rpg by a lot of people. I play them and enjoy them, but to me they can never be considered an rpg, for the simple reason that the characters are two-dimensional
and you can't even imagine them having a dialogue; they have no voice, no personality. I consider action-rpg's to be closer to the strategy genre. If played in that spirit, they make sense.
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