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April 24th, 2007, 10:58
Originally Posted by Avantenor View Post
Does anybody know if this patch affects any text issues? Can I use it with a localized bloodlines?
The unofficial patch will work with any localized bloodlines version but will turn it into the english one. I think there are french, czech and german versions of this either completed or in the works. As for the naming of the patches, I never choose to call my patch "unoffical patch". That name was taken by Dan Upright and I just continued his work with his permission under the known name. When looking at patch histories though, you will recognize that it is quite normal to rebalance things, include new content or do similar in a patch and this is what Troika themselves did e.g. in their TOEE patches. I still understand that some people would like a more basic patch but a name like bug-fixes-only would have been more neutral and it would have been even better if they had included the original readme of the work they based their derivative patch on .

Wesp5, creator of the unofficial Bloodlines patch.




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