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October 24th, 2006, 21:38
Hmmmmph…. Finally get the chance to scribble down the last bit for you, and now I have to do this instead!

I’d be the first to agree that the “Elder Scrolls” series has been guilty from the start of creating vast overly ambitious worlds. I’ve been on board as a player since “Arena” and “Daggerfall” (Back in my PC days) and right from the off they’ve built huge playing areas and then stuffed them to the gills with repetition of characters, scenery and dialogue.

Perhaps “Bethesda” might have been better served to concentrate on smaller environments with more detail and original content. But then for better or worse we’d have been denied what has become a genre landmark!

It’s not to everyone’s tastes granted, but I for one don’t see what’s wrong with asking the player to use their imagination for a change. Things have moved so quickly in the computer games world that I think that many of us have forgotten that of was just yesterday we were playing pong, and marvelling at how advanced it was!

When did using an “abundance of imagination” (Thank’s for the compliment by the way Tauschitz ) become a bad thing?? What a shame it would be if we ended up losing that precious commodity simply because we are so spoiled and spoon fed these days.

I’m not claiming that “oblivion” is perfect, of course I’m not. “Bethesda” has moved on enormously in some areas, while in others they’ve stubbornly refused to learn from mistakes of the past.

But Oblivion has far more atmosphere than its predecessors, it offers a decent storyline with exiting gameplay if you want it, and a vast and gorgeous sandpit if you don’t. Like all the best fiction it doesn’t tell you what you should be thinking each and every moment. It invites you in and gives you licence to stretch the wings of your imagination and what on earth can be wrong with that?

It’s detractors are many but I think that they do this flawed gem an injustice when they bemoan those flaws without giving the game and indeed the series, its due for all that it has tried to give us as well as what it has managed to deliver.

Now look what you’ve gone and made me do! This was supposed to be a fun thread to share with you all an admittedly warped version of a session I had the other night, not a dissection of the games flaws and merits!

<Shuffles off into corner grumbling.>
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