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April 25th, 2007, 16:09
The attacks are simple button mashing, but the animations and patterns are unique for each type of weapon so slashing a cyclops with a sword looks different than bashing a wolf with a club. Combat on both PC and 360 is still a little rough, despite being just two months from release. Though it is always fun to hack and slash against half-dressed bandits (apparently Two Worlds' fashion trend is strapping, topless summer wear), it can feel a bit chaotic at times as there's no lock-on for melee combat and the camera is still a bit twitchy. All defensive moves are automatic and based on invisible dice rolls, so your only concern during combat is swinging like a madman.

Spells are more forgiving and offer some nice visual effects that may sway many to focus on wizardry over sword-wielding. Since magic automatically locks onto the target you're facing, it feels a little more grounded and refined than melee combat at the moment.
Wow that sounds bad … unless you play a mage like me! Seriously, though, I like to mix it up and hope they get a handle on that. In a combat-centric game, if the combat is crappy … then what is left?
-- Mike
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