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April 26th, 2007, 13:46
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Don't take this as an attack (because it isn't) -- but you should be happy, then. Since they don't make TB RPGs any more (some indies aside) and since most games are pretty easy and actionised, you have your pick of titles. Those of us that like TB games have little to pick from and get a little crabby when RT fans tell us a realtime-with-pause game is the same thing anyway.
I don't see it as an attack, just as expressing your opinion. I can understand why you see that games might be easy and actionised like I can understand that you would like to see more TB games. And why you're sad that there aren't made new TB games anymore. And I don't think I have ever told TB fans than realtime with pause is the same thing, but that could be because I have played the Fallout games. (anyway, I have used your comment about turnbased games as sort of info or enligtement at the Fallout forum On Bethesda's Game Forums site. I did this, because I thought you explained it so well ).
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