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April 26th, 2007, 21:49
Originally Posted by narpet View Post
I took this from wikipedia, so I'm not sure how accurate it is… sources are quoted though, so take it for what it's worth:

US PC Game Software Sales

1998 - $1.7 billion
1999 - $1.9 billion
2000 - $1.78 billion (84.9 million units)
2001 - $1.75 billion (83.6 million units)
2002 - $1.4 billion (61.5 million units)
2003 - $1.2 billion (52.8 million units)
2004 - $1.1 billion (45 million units)
2005 - $953 million (38 million) + $344 million digital sales
2006 - $970 million

If this is even anywhere near accurate what it tells us is that PC gaming may not come close to the sales of console gaming, and it may be declining in sales, but it's nowhere near dead. Nobody is going to suddenly stop a business that is bringing in over $900 million a year.
This is just US data also, PC are stronger and consoles weaker I think in Europe and AU. Also, counting the digital sales in 05, thats 1.3 billion in sales. Unit sales went ip on 06, and we can saefly assume so did digital. I know access became far more easier in 06 from 05 in digital purchases. So we can assume at least 1.4 billion safely total sales. The trend is going up.

This is bad for me. I am yearning for the death of AAA PC gaming, as that will usher in my age of good games again I predict.
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