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April 26th, 2007, 22:46
You don't need a keyboard for an MMORPG, if you have voice chat and the game is simplified enough. People also used to say that first person shooters wouldn't work on a console. Well, they work, and they are also very popular (they suck compared to mouse and keyboard, but by golly, they work).
Thats the thing, if its simplified enough. Wow sucks in the casual gamer and makes them not so casual. The hot console fps's aren't dumbed down pc fps's. They are the same. Mmorpgs for the console will need, and I stress need, a keyboard just for all the buttons you need. An auto target thing and circle control things isn't the answer. You can't play wow without a keyboard. You can, but your functionality goes to useless. There are keyboards for consoles. But playing an fps and playing a mmorpg are two different things.

Do you really think that it will be a good thing if the PC is dominated by amateurs and developers with only three people? That's what it was like in the 1980's
Well, I don't see the people that are making the good games as the amateurs, and to answer your question, yes. A very strong and solid yes. I would dance with joy and be able to love again. And laugh. I would do a lot of laughing.
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