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October 25th, 2006, 00:11
Well, I cant say I really agree with any of these columns.

I think DW Bradley was the closest to what I agree with, but he spoiled it by trying to sound smart and coming across like an egomaniac with using way too many big words.

I dont think todays game have near the content, interesting characters, storylines or game play that the old ones did. Some of that was imagination but I dont think that was all of it. ITs all eye candy now, yea some of the new games are bug free and look great, but quickly get boring. They hardly even make me feel engrossed in the world like the old ones did. I also think they make todays games way too easy. One of the guys said that MMO's are making games closer and better than the RPG's of old…I totally disagree with that statement. They bore me to tears, I want to explore and adventure in the game world, without going into a dungeon and finding things already looted or other players waiting to loot stuff…I also dont like to have to find groups to play with either….

anyway, i hope thing get better in the RPG market, I have high hopes for NWN2, but I had high hopes for Oblivion and it was the biggest dissapointment RPG I can remember.




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