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April 29th, 2007, 06:18
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
I don't think there is an exit point, you just hit the map and do world travel if I remember right.

You also get arounf town quicker that way. You can go to the camp in the e of town, the inn, or the temple.
Hah… yep, I finally figured out to use the map button after about 45 minutes of searching everywhere, getting frustrated, trying to rest, and having both my fighter and cleric get incapacitated, I felt really dumb afterward.

I've been playing it nonstop for a couple days now, except when a friend brought his computer over to attempt to play POR2 heh, ( alot of fun bargaining with your friend for loot; "+2 greatsword!? I'll trade my +3 bastard sword of flame strike!" lol") and I got around to going in the temple finally, hit level 9 fairly quick going down a few of the temple floors.

The games been intensely fun, though it's far too short :/ I'm probably going to hold the standards too high for games to come now, can't even bring myself to play nwn2 at the moment.
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