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April 30th, 2007, 11:14
"The Werewolf of Woodstock" (mid 1970's-ish)

Dick Clark-produced made for tv movie from like 1975 about a werewolf run amok on the hallowed grounds of the largest longhair gathering since biblical times. This was a very rare score indeed, courtesy of the order of Cosmic Hex.

Bert is a local Woodstock farmer who's been driven over the edge by the recent visit of roughly five-hundred thousand hippies on his front lawn, playing that god-damn rock and roll day and night. The human tide has finally gone and in it's wake has left a huge landscape of garbage, and their empty soundstage. Enraged, he proceeds to try and tear the stage apart with his bare hands. A power line snaps, Bert is lit up like an xmas tree, *presto* we have an electric werewolf. Might I add, this is the first confirmed case of lycanthropy as the result of severe electrical shock. As such, he forgoes the traditional lunar cycle method, and only transforms when theres lots of electricity in the air. Unfortunately for an unlucky pack of long-haired, Mystery Machine driving stragglers, it's stormy forecasts for the rest of the week.

The 60's hippie slang hits with all the subtlety of a stepped on rake, as it's obviously the work of a bunch of suits a decade later. The generation-gap conflict is slathered on thick as well, which was common in this era's made-for-tv movie fare. The innocent, mystical (and apparently psychic) hippies are definitely being pushed around by The Man, man. Bert the werewolf has an unbelievable range of emotions (albeit spending most his time in rage mode), it's impossible not to laugh when he gazes skyward, his plastic bottom jaw clenching in angst. He shakes his furry paw at people in anger, kills a yappy little dog, and even at one point dramatically steals a dune buggy! Moments like that just dont happen in films anymore.

Alas, poor Bert in the end catches a silver bullet whipped up by the local pigs. The ballistics dept actually MAKES ammuntion?

oh yeah… hurts so good

Go download it.

…then, I watched like half of The Elephant Man. I just didnt need the heart-wrenching tale thing today, and that is one of the big ones, so I turned it off. It was somewhat of a shock to go from the ridiculously fun and bizarre, hippie-chasing electric werewolf to this relentlessly sad and serious film. The Elephant Man is one of the only films that I can remember making me truly sad, it just absolutely sledgehammers me. Just the scenes over at Dr Anthony Hopkins' house between the Dr's wife and John Merrik are so powerful, it's just an amazing film. I knew right then and there that it was either in or out, there was no middle of the road with this thing. Good stopping point.

Brilliant period piece as well, the retro black and white is gorgeous, everything "works" in this film from a technical standpoint as well. I personally love it, but it's not something that I can casually just flip the channel and sit back with a box of cheeze-its to.
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