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April 30th, 2007, 19:25
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
Gothic on consoles would be win/win.

For starters they 'feel' very much like they should be on the console anyway, in terms of the controls. Secondly the enforced QA (and most likely they would recieve additional resources for QA from console makers directly) would do them a world of good.

I'm only surprised it's taken this long for it to be considered (that we know of).
We´ve seen JoWooD mention console versions of their primary franchises several times before. The question nobody answers publically is "Who owns all the different parts of the Gothic franchise?". This means brand, name, world, scenario, distribution rights (for how long?), development rights, characters, etc.
Would JoWooD be able to greenlight a Gothic game without PB´s agreement? I don´t know but I doubt it. Just have a look at the copyright notice on a Gothic produxt of your choice since G2.

The latest official word from PB, by project lead Björn Pankratz in a podcast after the Austrian Game Awards 1 or 2 weeks ago:
PB is not working on a console product. They didn´t even carefully evaluate what needs to be done to convert G3, which makes a conversion to XB360 unlikely. Their technology is made for PC. They have nothing against consoles though. A later game could be multi-platform. Furthermore he said something which had to be understood in a way that they are not working on Gothic 4 yet. (Sounds like an add-on then. )
The usual caveat: It´s not clear how much he was allowed to say and how much he wanted to say. I also might have remembered a few things incorrectly.
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