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May 3rd, 2007, 03:27
Ah the Europeans. They know that it's all about the loot and the levels. I'm so tired of US RPGs with their complex storylines and plot-affecting decisions. Give me an unending streams of baddies to slice and dice my way through! Give me a +3 longsword to give to the fighter, and his +2 goes to the ranger, and his +1 goes I don't let's say to the thief. I want to manage my inventory! Let me decide to leave the arrows but take the longbows, if they're at least +1. Unless the arrows are ice arrows or something. I want to min/max my party, EVERY member. I want it all.

Icewind Dale delivered, and IWD2 doubly delivered. But we Americans have lost sight of that glorious vision, and so it's up to the plucky Germans to save us. Godspeed.
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