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October 25th, 2006, 04:39
Very good subject. A bit surprising none commented on it.

I think they're all missing TWO massivly important points!

That hardcore roleplayers are left out because:

1. They make dumbed down easy action oriented only combat.

2. They make quests and puzzles easy.

3. There's no such a thing as real choices. You can't make a lot of alternative storylines and extra vagant locations to discover. You can't have them for the main quest, since most players will only play through the game once…. and thus it's a waste of resources to make them. Since the main part of the players will visit the main quest places… they'll not spend a lot of extra hours to find extra secret wounderful places.

There's no room to target the hardcore RPG audiance. Sirtech tried they made wounderful huge hardcore RPGs, they're gone. Troika tried…. gone. Origin made the best… gone.

I only see the problem getting worst as we are approaching next-gen.
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