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May 4th, 2007, 14:52
Traditonalism galore ! Pronto ! Pep !

I played the entire IWD ultimate collection for the 2nd time recently, and will do so again.It's an absolute classic, with great art, music, and a strongly linear heroic storyline.There's loads of non-linear stuff out there, like the Tortured Hearts mods for NWN, and Morrowind, etc., so some linearity won't hurt once in a while.

But the IWD concept requires patience, pause, strategy and imagination… given the fact that you are creating 6 different characters from scratch to adventure with.I just hope the view perspective is high up enough, bird's eye view, to capture the breathtaking scenery, variety, and massivity (the Severed Hand environment was awesome).The final battle of IWD2 was doubly epic.
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