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May 4th, 2007, 22:50
Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
As said, it is just a rumour and I appreciate your efforts to argue the (obvious) shortages of the rumour, but it is still stated that a RPG developer has to remove the online part of their game because of Microsoft and wouldn't that company also have made sure that Microsoft couldn't pull the plug of their game arbitrarily?
Yes, exactly. That's why I doubt that it is as one-sided as the rumor makes it sound. The rumor basically states that Microsoft is once again the evil devil who is screwing Zuxxez in the arse. I doubt that. That would be one majorly retarded agreement if Microsoft were (without punishment) allowed to do what they are accused of doing via the rumor. That can not possibly be the whole story. There must be some omission or failure to comply or whatever on the part of the publisher/developer as well for it all to make sense.
Microsoft isn't Julius Caesar. They can't just decide over the life and death of a product by flipping their thumb up or down at their leisure. At least not without retribution. And I'm wondering if Zuxxez is as innocent as the rumor would have us believe then why aren't they more aggressive in their defensive strategy like mentioning in that press release that they are evaluating legal procedures in order to bring the X360 version to market ASAP etc? The absense of any such statements seems to indicate to me that they know very well themselves that they screwed up one way or another.
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