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May 5th, 2007, 14:00
Ok, I'm gonna try to translate the German mail to English, but please bear in mind that it can only be a rough translation, and sometimes I have translated the meaning instead of the words, since this will make sense to the English reader.

Begin Translation

Highly Estimeed MR XY
(this is just the greeting).

I can certainly understand why you were upset at this news.
(or I can understand you upheaval/anger/amazement/excitement over this news).

However, we (at zuxxex) were just as surprised to learn about this delay that you were, and we are just as disappointed at you. (källt erwischt acrually means simething like 'coldly surprised' or something like that, but you really can't translate this well to English).

We would like to have told you the reason behind the dealy, but, as already mentioned in the press-release, we cannot do so. (or more correctly: 'we are not allowed to do so, or we may not do so).

This probably sounds strange (or odd/weird), however, this is due to (or has background in) high-ranking external interests which have an interest in the publication (or official announcement) of console-version, which is to to be released by a third-party publisher (gesehen geworden.) [And that's how far I got with this sentence, I hope it does make sense, I've tried my best…].
PS: The game is as good as finished. (meaning it is finished).

The second email:
The new release date is probably May 17, 2007. (or 5/17/07 - in the US date).
I hope, in spte of all this trouble, that you still will be (or stay) loyal to Two Worlds. The game as well as the developers (or the developing team)have certainly deserved it.

End translation.

I hope you can use the translation
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