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October 25th, 2006, 05:47
No hasn't happened to me, I have thought I lost it but realised they didn't give it a different graphical look in the inventory, so it looks like another sword.
Is it possible you sold it?

If so, my method for selling is a little more trouble but very good time and butt saver in the long run.
I pick one merchant for each group of wares, ic Reddock since Joey, Marlo and especially Gelford, since I bought the Pally armor from him he always has loot to sell the endless supply of Orc weapons I seem to get .
So basicly I always sell to those 3, so if I need claws for a special sword recipe, I know exaclty where a good supply is located or if I accidently sold something I need.

One very nice touch PB did was not allow quest items like Fire Chalices to show up in the Sell window.

Also you need a pretty beefy machine to weild 2 Flame swords, if you have big crowds between the AI, Graphic Textures and the Swords loading it can get very hairy.
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