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October 25th, 2006, 10:23
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
(3) Replace the system disk and swap partition with WD Raptors and keep your data on a big, slower volume.
(4) Replace the system disk with a striped RAID pair.
(5) Replace the data disk/swap partition with another striped RAID pair.
Well this discussion is somewhat close to what I have been arguing with
myself ever since I bought a couple of WD Raptors(74 GB) and set them in
raid 0 for my system/Data. I was thinking of buying a 36 GB Raptor (especially
lately when storage has become a concern). and moving the swapfile there.

I do have some concerns though especially since the Raptor costs ~100 euros
that I am not all that happy to "throw away" in my current financial state:

#1 the Raid performs ~50% better than the single Raptor I think when reads
are considered (writes may be even worst than the single Disk in some cases
though generally gain ~5-10% if I recall correctly some of my early research).
Having this in mind would not the fact that the single raptor is that slower than
the Raid mostly negate the gain of moving the swapfile to it. (No, getting a
second raptor is not an option ).

#2 36 GB for 100 euros are a LOT of money when I could get a slower 250 GB
for my storage needs (Looking ahead that is 36 GB are enough for now) at less
and keeping the swapfile where it is…

Also @ Prime junta: wouldnt keeping the second drive single partition and
choosing a static pagefile (and also using some utility to optimize said pagefile)
be faster than having 2 partitions..? If the pagefile is not dynamic (hence not
fragmented) I dont see what the problem would be in writing DATA in the same
partition (occasional defrag would only help ofcourse).

Anyway any thoughts from people that have gone through this sort of setup
would be greatly appreciated
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