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October 25th, 2006, 13:46
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
You can't make a lot of alternative storylines and extra vagant locations to discover. You can't have them for the main quest, since most players will only play through the game once…. and thus it's a waste of resources to make them.
I don't necessarily agree with all that you are saying, but I certainly do agree there - the majority of games today are designed to max a player's experience in one play-through, thereby bypassing the 'mutually exclusive' decisions that intrigue more experienced RPGamers.

I think this quote elucidates the problem further:
It wasn't long ago that CRPGs - because of their use of abstraction - forced the player to use his own vision for certain elements. But this also means, especially for RPGs, that the player had the chance to form his character, his universe and its inhabitants closer to how he likes and sees it - BECAUSE he had to use his imagination, like in the pen and paper RPGs that always have been the base for CRPGs. When creating a game, we should remember that images and memories experienced that way can be more intense than the games of today allow.
It isn't a RPG, but playing Godfather: Mob Wars on the PSP was like that - you are supposed to be an up-and-coming mobster who struggles to become Don of NYC, but they spent so much time forcing video clips down your throat to tell the story that it never became *your* story, and therefore despite being good and oozing with Godfather love, it is not a very memorable experience.
-- Mike
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