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May 10th, 2007, 22:47
Moriendor, as far as we know Bethesda new about the d20 game. Check the news bit, what are the reasons Beth gave for shutting down the game? Nothing you have claimed.

My company just bought a shop that had a contract to run some lines for other companies, some are our competitors. When we bought the shop we could've not honored the pre-existing contracts, but we are going to. Why? Because not honoring preexisting contracts is a prick move, and we wouldn't want that to happen to us. Its common business courtesy. We won't renew the contracts, but well run the lines and make competitors products until the contracts end.

And I don't hate Bethesda. I don't care about them and until this point thought they had a good mind for business. I don't hate EA sports because I don't play sports games and don't care about their products. I don't hate steam or whoever develops Halo either. I like crpgs and if Bethesda decided to make a crpg I might have an opinion about them, but until then, I just don't care. So you can't claim I'm an angry beth hater. This is a prick move by bethesda and you know it.

Would you be happy if EA sports bought Bethesda and cancelled ES5 because it might damage their sports game reputation?
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