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May 10th, 2007, 23:09
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Moriendor, as far as we know Bethesda new about the d20 game. Check the news bit, what are the reasons Beth gave for shutting down the game? Nothing you have claimed.
True. Because what I claimed is more of a problem between Interplay and Bethesda and a breach of the contract by Interplay. The payment to Interplay for the Fallout IP is due in Q3/2007. I don't think that Bethesda will pay before this one is settled.
Of course, the problem with those P&P folks is of a different nature and thus they are giving different reasons as part of a legal strategy. It doesn't mean that these are all of the reasons they can and will give for the lawsuit. It's always a good strategy to start out slow and keep the "killer arguments" for later.
But what I'm curious about is… where does it say that Bethesda knew about the 3rd party interests of GCG? Is this some kind of hidden ink game where I need to iron my screen or what?

This is a prick move by bethesda and you know it.
No, I don't. It's their damn well right to defend their property. Is it a prick move just because GCG is small and (presumably) poor? Do you let small and (presumably) poor people into your house and allow them to steal your property? See. I thought so.

Would you be happy if EA sports bought Bethesda and cancelled ES5 because it might damage their sports game reputation?
That's what agreements and contracts are for. If EA had the right by contract or agreement to cancel ES5 then I wouldn't give two shits about it.
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