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May 11th, 2007, 00:11
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Is doesn't say anywhere that Bethesda new, but like when my company bought the plant, they asked. The question what does bethesda stand to lose by allowing the pnp game to be released?
I'm not against this PnP game ever getting released. I'm merely arguing that the knee-jerk "OMG BETHESDA SUXX!!!" reaction in the first few replies to this newsbit was unwarranted as it is Bethesda's damn well right to legally pursue the protection of their property.
As I said earlier, I expect them to find an out-of-court settlement that will either allow GCG to finish their PnP project under the FO brand or not but I find it hard to lay blame on Bethesda for making use of their rights.

They are stating that what they stand to lose is damage to the IP's brand, by allowing a company to release a finished product. Do you believe this is true?
Yes, I do. If Bethesda has no control over the PnP game then there is always an unlikely but still possible risk that the FO IP might be subject to abuse. I'll make up an extreme example. Let's say GCG comes up with the grand idea to make a child killing or child abuse campaign. I think it stands to reason that Bethesda does not really want to be in the headlines as the ones approving of such stuff. The sensationalist media are just waiting for crap like that to happen. That's why it's best for Bethesda to have full control over the IP.
This does, of course, not mean that there can not ever be an agreement between Bethesda and GCG about a PnP spin-off. They can always do that at some point down the line. If they do, Bethesda will be able to exercise control via the contract that they will have with GCG but right now there's a great deal of legal insecurity for Bethesda if GCG should do something weird with the IP.

We could say that the biggest lose of the FO brand is Bethesda purchase of the IP, and bethesda tying their name to what used to be a good, solid, crpg brand that they will destroy and drag its good name through the mud.
Yes, we could say that. If we had the IQ of a bread crumb.

Its a prick move. Maybe bethesda is well within their rights to have an injunction placed against them, but being within your rights doesn't make you right. Maybe you enjoy doing business with a company that engages in business in this way. I would be all dramatic and say I won't by fake fallout over this, but I was never going to buy it anyway so I'll skip it, but I'm going to wait, and bide my time until you make a negative post that points out unethical practices of some other business you don't like, then I'll drag this topic up. I only forget important or useful things; I'll remember this forever. So watch out, when the opportunity is right and I bring this up to point out your future hypocrisy, I have a feeling that you are going to feel quite silly.
Yes, I shall commit suicide the day that happens .

By placing an injunction (injunction is future damage) by reason of damaged brand? Come on, that isn't control, that is bullshit.
Again, it's not. There are a lot of things that could happen if you let your imagination run wild. Like the CEO of GCG being into wild animal sex gang rape and then the media picking up on it, making links to Bethesda and them being unable to defend themselves because they have no legal grounds with GCG. It is in everyone's best interest (even in GCG's in a sense of limiting damages) to establish ASAP who owns what and who has the rights to make a PnP spinoff.

Would you have the same attitude if you worked for whatever the name of the company that just finished the pnp product is? Do you like having a big cock rammed in your ass over a big, stupid lie? Would you say, "Well, its okay, Bethesda is probably within their rights. No biggy. I like having a stretched out anal cavity anyways. My bum hole was too painfree and could use a change of comfort and pain level with something besides hemoroids.
Ummm… OK . Well, to answer the question, as an employee of GCG, I'd be pissed at my boss for not checking with Interplay and/or Bethesda about how the transferral of the entire FO IP to Bethesda affected his business. What was the guy thinking? Did he not care? Was he hoping that his PnP project was too small scale and no one would give a shit about it anyway? Was he hoping that no one would ever notice that they owned a piece of the FO pie? Those are the questions I'd have for my boss.
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