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May 11th, 2007, 00:20
Yes, I do. If Bethesda has no control over the PnP game then there is always an unlikely but still possible risk that the FO IP might be subject to abuse. I'll make up an extreme example. Let's say GCG comes up with the grand idea to make a child killing or child abuse campaign. I think it stands to reason that Bethesda does not really want to be in the headlines as the ones approving of such stuff. The sensationalist media are just waiting for crap like that to happen. That's why it's best for Bethesda to have full control over the IP.
You didn't play the FO's did you? Not only did I kill children, I starred in a porn, and became a pimp. The pnp game could never one-up the actual FO's in scummyness.

Yes, we could say that. If we had the IQ of a bread crumb.
Of course. There is no validity to that arguement at all.

Bethesda is not only legally right, but ethically right as well. I see now.
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