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May 11th, 2007, 00:39
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
You didn't play the FO's did you? Not only did I kill children, I starred in a porn, and became a pimp. The pnp game could never one-up the actual FO's in scummyness.
I did play them and that is exactly why I chose this as an example . The times have changed. Mainstream media attention and awareness towards video games is a lot higher than it used to be back then when the original FOs came out. Just look at all the fuss over GTA. If Bethesda became known as a company that indirectly approves of child abuse/killing then that wouldn't be very amsuing for them unless you are a strong proponent of the "a bad rep is better than no rep" philosophy .

Of course. There is no validity to that arguement at all.
No, there isn't since we still do not have enough info on FO3 to really form an educated opinion about the game.

Bethesda is not only legally right, but ethically right as well. I see now.
Yes, they are. They got a responsibility towards their investors and employees as well. Or is a GCG employee automatically worth more than a Bethesda employee because he/she works for the underdog company? Regardless… it doesn't make much of a difference who you worked for when you lose your job because of a management fuck-up and this can happen to both parties involved (I'd say "all three" but Interplay obviously doesn't have much to lose).
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