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May 11th, 2007, 00:55
Moreindor, You just established that Bethesda wants to make a kid friendly game that won't offend the media or the crazies, and probably wants to appeal to kids as well. You can't take as many liberties as you are defending Bethsda's prick move without realizing that by taking less liberties I can saefly say they are going to rape the IP. They are going to rape it worse than any IP has ever been raped. And you helped establish that by stating Bethesda will make a kid friendly game devoid of the adult content of the real FOs.

So not only is Bethesda sticking it up this company's ass, they are sticking it in the ass of the FO community. Way up in the ass, right into the stomach. Bethesda's penis will be burned by the corosive acids in the FO communities bellies. Not only with Bethesda destroy the IP by not providing the same gameplay or mechanics of the real FOs, but by dumbing down and making the setting kid-friendly. The game will also be linear and devoid of roleplaying, because its a hard concept for kids to understand, and they need to have their hands held by Liam Neeson as he points them in the same direction as the big green marker on the huge compass.

This game's target market is 8 year olds, and the reason the cease and desist was ordered for the pnp game was because 8 year old would see it and say, "Its too complicated, not like sesame street, Care bears, and Oblivion. I won;t buy FO 3, mommy I need my medicine. Whaa whaa. I wish Uncle Moriendor would stop touching me in the private areas." How could you do that to your own nephew, you sick-o?

Its okay you like that the IP will be raped in order to make a kid-friendly FPS you know you'll like. I like kids games also some times. I just played hide and seek with my daughter. It was pretty fun. I won too. I excel at kids games.
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