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May 11th, 2007, 00:19
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Its okay you like that the IP will be raped in order to make a kid-friendly FPS you know you'll like.
That post was pretty entertaining. Thanks for the laughs .
But you are wrong on the quoted part. I'm pretty unemotional regarding the whole subject of what Bethesda will or will not do with Fallout 3. I was just saying what I am expecting to happen. Nowhere did I say whether I like it if it happens that way or not.
But if you want to hear my personal opinion on the subject now then I'll tell you that my potential enjoyment of Fallout 3 will not depend on the inclusion of child-killing and some porn crap. It's a tradition that they can leave behind and that would certainly be one of the very last things I'd miss. But I just as certainly wouldn't mind if they put it in. It's not a deal breaker for me though and I find it utterly silly of many FO fans to get so hung up on such details. If child-killing and porn acting is what makes or breaks FO for you, then be assured of my deepest condolences.
However, if they get rid of the iso perspective (which they probably will) and of turn-based combat (which they probably will) and of the non-linear stories and quests with their choices and consequences (which they probably will) then I can fully understand that FO traditionalists will be pissed but leaving out child-killing (wow… what a deep feature that adds so much to gameplay) and "loool i can leik act in da p0rnz"? Come on now .
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