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October 25th, 2006, 15:13
Oblivion, Gothic
This is two of the games I was refering to. I don't mind if there's some action in the fights ( For example Dungeon Siege… I kind of like the battles though it's not so good on the RPG part )

In Oblivion, I button mash… only. My friend who plays at the same difficulty level told me… hey you have to block and use strategy to win the fights. Though after awhile we realised that my button mashing beats his attempt at strategy, at any time. Button mashing is exactly dumbed down combat IMHO.

As for Gothic I rather enjoyed the combat in the first two games, though I feel it was dumbed down in the thrid one. Granted I need more time with Gothic 3 to give my final opinion…. the messed up balancing doesn't help though.
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