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October 25th, 2006, 15:18
Ok turns out there are points of no return, which will prevent continuing quest for certian factions, now I didn't realise this so if its in the manual, err I forgot to read it before I played.

I think/heard/read once you start overthrowning towns or in the Rebel, Clans and Nomands cases overthrowing camps or hideouts.
Does anyone know for sure exactly how many activate auto-hostility, I heard read it was the 4th overthrow?

If this is correct I may not have to start over, since I think technically I have only overthrown 3, but have attack other groups.

Example I was messing around in Nordmor and Orcs were automaticly attacking me but it doesnt seem to be the case in towns.
I did get accused and denied it, they jsut said we will be watching you, so I think I am on the borderline.

Thanks if anyone knows or knows about other triggers, would be appreciated.

Maybe the Orcs started attacking me in Nordmor becasue I didn't get their permision?
I never got permission to go across the Pass, actually didn't know there was a Pass, bridges or anything since there is nothing on the maps.
To me the best cance of making it up North was the road out of Silden, looks like on the map it goes at least most of the way

What a drag that would be to have to start over cause the maps are bad, hell there were much better maps on Khorinis.
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