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May 11th, 2007, 12:39
Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
Thanks for the insight Rendelius. You've just confused me a lot! Lol
Half of what you said I like, and the other half I hate. does that mean I will rate this game a 50%?
So what do you think of the art and design, Rendel? Are the characters cool looking - nice armor and weapons to outfit with? Is the scenery believable? The architecture imaginative? (other than not having a second floor).

You mentioned the engine isn't "pretty." What exactly do you mean by that?
Art and design is nice. Very moody. Have a look at the screenshots.

The characters look good, but faces are rather simple. One thing that is extremely annoying is that lip movement and audio is completely out of sync (and I mean by one or two seconds).

What I mean by "the engine isn't pretty" is that the view distance for grass, for example, is very low. And the trees lack variety. And the engine doesn't allow AA and HDR at the same time. Sometimes, things look a little bit blocky. It's hard to explain, really.

And about my statement: Better than Gothic 3, worse than Oblivion. That's of course my personal taste, and my Oblivion is heavily modded :-). I just like the pace of Oblivion, the artwork, the mood, the freedom. It's still my favorite RPG out there. And being better than Gothic 3: well, Gothic 3 is a bug infested nightmare with a unlovely engine :-). If Gothic 3 receives a major update, things might change for me, but I stopped playing it app. 5 hours into the game.
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