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May 12th, 2007, 01:10
I think horses are really an afterthought in most games. It seemed to be the buzz-phrase for a while - "travel by horseback." I remember quite a discussion months ago about whether or not Gothic III would include it. In reality, for it to look right, and play right, it has to be a top priority of the designers. Mount & Blade is the only game I've seen pull it off completely, and that's not what I would consider a full blown RPG. (I mean it is,… but.. well you know what I mean)

Overall, I'm getting the sense of the RPG gaming industry going through a regrouping phase right now (or, maybe it SHOULD be going through one.) I think that technology is at the point where games can actually meet or exceed the expectations of most people, but in order to do so, it's taking longer for them to develop. Whether this is feasible or not depends on the ole 'profit justifying expense' problem, but that's the bottom line. Too many games are promising more than what they can deliver in the current time allowed for completion. How many times have we played RPG's lately that seem, as Rendelius put it, "un-polished?" Either they have to spend more time on them, or not brag about features that aren't there so we are not disappointed.

Okay, I'll get off the soap box now… sorry
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