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May 12th, 2007, 10:15
Well, perhaps in my book they tried to recreate the game to my liking. Hm, the things included is what i have been sought after.

The deal with the aliens seeing further then you. Me recently replayed XCOM (the original) and - the fact is that the aliens even there saw further then you. Perhaps they should? Who on earth says that we have equal eyesight. They are freaking aliens!

And, yes, there is limited amount of maps. According to the official site. There is 255 of them. And yes, they aren't random, but i really didn't know about that limit.

And slow paced. Ofcourse. They are faithfully trying to recreate XCOM. And yes, some people don't like some aspects of it. But this part they got really well i think.

I love the way they are modelling the personal stuff, and really. My men can't die? Well, then make sure they don't get hurt. I dare you. And, if you know how to play well…

Too bad that UFO got so bad rep from that site. But it wasn't a SEGA game involving Ninjas so. Who really thought differently.

Every point they have against UFO was something that i think is in favour of the same game. My taste is different.

The only point we concurr, me and the reviewer. is at the graphic level. The animation could have been smoother.

- and i also love POR2 - have I mentioned that!
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