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May 13th, 2007, 09:47
The undying thing is nothing i think about. When i get hit ingame and my men get knocked out for the reminder of the mission, i have problem on two plans.

1) I usually only take the amount of men required. It means four or five people.

2) If one man gets down and i have alot of injured it will take time healing, which means that i have to rethinkini and re-prioritize missions coming in.

It also means that the missions are *alot* more intense then the once from XCOM, since then you could really use people as cannonfodder, altough you did have some special ones you cared for, you could rush through a mission, but here i use cover fire religously. And also, medkit play a big role reducing your men times in the hospital.

I think the undying plays out well, cause, there isn't really any problem with it!
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