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May 13th, 2007, 12:14
Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post

I have a feature request. Could it be possible for you to make a link in the "Games" menu for a page that contains all the games that RPG/MMOWatch "watch"?
I often miss the possibility of viewing the information related to a specific game and the only way to access a game's page is when news about it is covered.
I think this is already possible to create -> After all it's just a 'view' one would have to create for some games. The problem is only what games should ave such a seperate view? Gothic, NWN and Morrowind/Oblivion is pretty clear cause of the amount of users who come here to discuss those games.

Still it would be empty without some other info about the game itself. Gorath and I are discussing about a GothicWatch and how it should look like, but for the other games people are needed too.
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