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October 25th, 2006, 16:43
The number varies from faction to faction

Orcs: The number is three, but you can still reach the 4th leader without any problems - the problem is that he will attack you on sight. After killing 5 towns, all orcs in the game, no matter where they are(even the desert) will attack you on sight.

Hashishin: Take out two towns and the leader in Bakaresh/Mora Sul will attack you if you try to talk to them. The rest will remain friendly. Kill one more town and they will all attack you on sight.

Rebels: Take out Nemora, Okara and Reddock, and King Rhobar will attack you if you try to talk to him, preventing you from completing it through Rhobar.

Nomads: They don't really have towns to liberate or to destroy, only smaller camps, and they will never react like the factions above.

Nordmar barbarians: Never tried - why would I? They are the only friendly ones in Nordmar, there is noone there to liberate the cities for - orcs in Nordmar will always remain hostile.

Druids/rangers: They are like nomads - their camps will never trigger a "tada, you've liberated xx", and they'll never be hostile towards you.

Regarding your edit note - orcs in Nordmar will never be friendly. Ever. No matter what you do. They hate you all humans, and will attack all humans on sight.

The biggest problem with faction reputation isn't really the number of cities you've killed off - but the more you kill, the harder it gets to gain enough rep(75%) with that faction. In fact, if you take out two towns of a particular faction it will be impossible to ever get high enough reputation to complete it with that faction.

There is always a final solution though - helping Xardas. That requires no faction reputation with anyone, so you can kill the entire world and still complete the game - no need to think about starting over.
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