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May 15th, 2007, 02:17
Originally Posted by Squeek View Post
Off the top of my head I can't remember seeing any forums anywhere that were critical of Oblivion but not of Patrick Stewart. I guess we're not on the same page, crpgnut.
I think that crpgnut meant the quality of the actual voice-acting of Mr. Stewart which was indeed not criticized by anyone just as he said (except maybe for its extreme shortness but that's not Paddy's fault). What is being criticized frequently, however, as you said as well is that Bethesda spent a lot of money on Paddy and that the hiring of Paddy busted the budget so that they ended up with a limited set of actors for the other roles.
Which is actually just an unfounded assumption. No one really knows how Bethesda calculated the budget of Oblivion and what they would have done if they would have had more money in one area or another. There is no telling if they really would have hired more voice actors if they wouldn't have had to spend the cash for Paddy or if Todd would have bought himself a new Porsche instead or if all of Bethesda would have been invited to go to Disneyland from that money or whatever.
There is no automatism or law involved here that dictates that money saved or spent in one area could have or would have been used elsewhere so it's actually rather pointless to speculate whether there would have been more other voices in Oblivion without the hiring of Paddy or not. It's a "maybe, maybe not" kind of thing.
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