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May 15th, 2007, 21:25
Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
I said short range missiles not ICBM's and I would just giving an example of how it would be possible given the current defenses the US employs. You could then also say the same about the defenses of the white house, who is to say they would even exist in the Fallout time-line, so like you said a bomb could easily be dropped. My point was it is possible.

Given that the Hubologists use a shuttle in fallout 2 and that fact that there is a truck that carries a nuclear warhead in fallout tactics I would say it is pretty certain that Missile technology exists. I am also pretty sure there is something along those lines in the sierra army base in fallout 2 but I would have to check to be sure.
It's never really confirmed or denied. Kind of a "who knows", no canon on how far missile technology was in Fallout's 2077.

Defending the white house is only easier against bombers, tho'.

Also, new pic is up. More generic post-apocalyptic art!
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