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May 17th, 2007, 22:08
Originally Posted by Ionstormsucks View Post
Beowulf & Grendel… It's a waste of time really. Apart from the fact that it's obviously some kind of b-movie (partly it has fairly cheap costumes), the movie is just boring. There is hardly anything that catches the viewer's attention. When I was about half through the movie I began using fast forward, mainly so I did not have to listen to the terrible boring and stupid dialogues.
Agreed, one of the most chronically anticlimactic films Ive ever seen. Build up, nothing. Build up, nothing. Over and over again, to the point of ridiculousness.
A perfect example is when they finally reach the troll cave the first time, and dont have a friggen rope! Even if it's logical that they wouldnt, write one in the script for the sake of the flow. Or make his cave not need a rope to access, whatever. Dont take us all the way there (finally making progress in the film), then pop up and yell "PSYCHE"!

One of the scenes that really drove me nuts was when Grendel finally busts into the barracks or whatever, and all these trained swordsmen proceed to battle him with their fists! PICK UP A GODDAMN SWORD ALREADY, YOU DORKS! These buffoons are flailing away with their fists and jumping on his back, trying to grapple this big oaf literally twice their size!

Just a retarded script, and coming from someone who lives for retarded scripts, that's saying something.

Also, the cast was pretty much populated by laughably pathetic characters. I could barely make out half the dialogue, and what I could was lamentable. No background, explanation, nothing on the sea witch or whatever. Or maybe it slipped by me or something. Lame flick, pretty disappointed here. Glad I didnt pay for the rental.
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