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May 18th, 2007, 04:48
"Even more flexibility than before"

btw i googled a bit…

and found gamespy's preview of deus ex 2

Another substantial change will come in the new bio-mod system. This will replace the old skill and augmentation systems from Deus Ex, combining them into one more flexible whole.
Looking back, Spector is aghast at the interface that was devised for the original Deus Ex. "I wanted an interface that looked organic … like it was burned into the guy's eye. I failed completely to convey that to the team." The result was several layers of menus, and numerous sub-interfaces that served, in Spector's estimation, to disconnect players from the flow of the action. Those problems have been solved, because in Invisible War, "These guys nailed it." The new UI resurrects the "eye" concept, and combines the resultant round shapes with the idea of rotation. Imagine a transparent series of rings, one within the other, that rotate to different "notches" at your command. Each notch is another menu item, and selecting one item or another will cause different pieces of information to swivel into view on the inner rings. It's hard to describe, so you'll just have to take my word that it looks awfully slick and clever. More importantly, it will eliminate the need for non-standard interfaces (remember the ATMs from the first game?) that interrupt the flow of gameplay.
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