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May 18th, 2007, 06:28
Word: apathy.

After that said, it will be a wonder if any of the original Deus Ex developers will be involved in the creation of this new title. As far as I know DX project leader Warren Spector, lead designer Harvey Smith and writer Sheldon Pacotti all have left (Ionstorm/)Eidos as well most others who were involved in the project.

Eidos holds the licenses for both Deus Ex and Thief. They also like to use old licenses a lot like those thousand hitman and tomb raider games they have been pushing out one after another. The last time we saw something remotely Deus Ex stylish was Snowblind which was originally supposed to be some kind of spin off but later got renamed. It was also done by a different studio and was a pure action game in 1st person.

Anyway there's always the blind chance of luck of snowflake dropping in hell that the new developers are going to create just an amazing new title in the franchise they never had part in creating it.
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