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May 18th, 2007, 13:06
Oh, and another and -- Pripyat is a freakin' work of art. It's probably the most drop-down awesome level I've ever seen in any computer game, bar none.

Which makes it a total crying shame that there's almost no game content in it. I basically just blazed through it when playing the game; by that time there's no point in collecting artifacts or other lewt, so the only thing driving you is the quest. I just went back for some sightseeing, and it is really absolutely incredible. I bet it's crazy fun for a real multiplayer rumble, but that alone won't do it justice.

Since the game is easily moddable, it would be cool to see someone(s) setting a whole new story in the Zone, this time centered around Pripyat. It's a real shame to see all the effort that's gone into it go to waste this way.
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