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May 19th, 2007, 03:37
Great article and a compelling read. I have a lot more respect for David Gaider(and subsequent hope for Dragon Age )after reading these views on dialogue, player skills, scripting and plotting--well, mostly since they happen to coinicide with my own…

And no one used a word of PR/Hype publicity-speak in the entire article. What a relief!

Found it interesting that Gaider scripted both Deekin and HK-47, two of the characters that made their respective games more bearable for me. I did wonder if Sawyer had written the rather dry dialogue for Deekin's bit part in NWN2. It was some of the funnier writing in the game. If so, he wasn't telling in this article.

Good stuff.

This little comment by Brian Mitsoda kind of says it all, though--and unfortunately not in a very good way:

All this comes back to marketing, which doesn’t like anything that can’t be justified by research, which means they like games that are like other games. I thought marketing was created to figure out how to take a product and figure out how to sell it, but that’s not how it works in any medium anymore…Each dollar is a vote, so as long as people keep buying games of a certain genre/style, don’t expect to see anything that isn’t a slightly different version of something you’ve already played.
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