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May 21st, 2007, 04:47
Magerette, I think you are forgetting that the devs are the ones asking for the huge budgets from the publishers that guarantee that the game will need mass market appeal (dumbed-down, stream-lined, action-packed with dull repetetive combat, and lacking innovation).

WHo is more at fault and greedy: the ones asking for all the money or the ones giving the money (even if they give it with rules).

The simple solution is the devs ask for less money and get more freedom and less restrictions to make better games that appeal to us more. But they won't. Is that the publisher's fault?

And when you break it down, the games we say we love don't sell all that well. PS:T, the FO's, Darklands, RoA trilogy, etc. This market just has poor taste.
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